Plymouth, MN Income Tax Preparation


We provide competent, timely, and affordable income tax preparation services to Plymouth, MN and the surrounding suburbs. We were founded by a CPA and a CFA Charterholder and are therefore able to provide a unique tax service experience for individuals and familes with high-incomes, significant investments, and complicated personal tax issues. Request a free tax quote or contact us with any questions. We are here to help with your tax needs!

Our Services:

  • Income Tax Preparation

  • Tax Projections

  • Estimated Tax Payments

  • Capital Gains Management

  • Investment Account Tax Strategies

  • Withdrawal Strategies

  • Rental Income Analysis

  • High-Income Tax Analysis

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Income Deferral Strategies


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We are located in the Plymouth Creek Professional Building just across from the Lifetime Fitness. We have ample parking and love having visitors so let us know what time and day work best for you. We look forward to seeing you!

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Tax Preparation and Tax Planning - How We Help You.

Are you paying to much in taxes? We can help lower your tax bill on your current tax return but more importantly help you plan for the future. The biggest goal in tax planning if to minimize your tax liability which can be achieved through the following:

  • Reducing or Deferring Taxable Income

  • Deduction Planning

  • Investment Portfolio Tax Planning

  • Efficient Income Generation/Withdrawal

  • Year-end Strategic Planning

  • Charitable Planning

Did you know you can save a lot in taxes by taking an objective look at your investment portfolio? Being careful about when and how to take capital gains is just the start. You can also use asset location strategies to make sure tax-inefficient investments are placed in the right type of accounts. You can harvest losses in your individual and joint brokerage accounts. You can maximize your savings my utilizing smart tax strategies such as Back-Door Roth IRAs and Super Roth IRAs. You can invest in tax-free municipal bonds. You can utilize account conversions in low income years and you can strategically choose where, when, and how to draw money from your portfolio. You can coordinate this with the timing of pension and social security income to ensure you are keeping as much of your own money as possible.

Starting to sound interesting? This requires year-round tax planning and starts with an in-depth understanding of your personal tax situation. We look at your income, investments, employee benefits (stock options, RSUs, etc.), account availability, and many other items specific to your situation. 

Tax issues are part of everything you do. Whether you are a high-income earner, small business owner, or partner in a law firm, not only is your tax return going to be more complicated then the standard 1040 but the opportunities for tax planning are many and valuable. Reach out for a tax quote today!

If that sounds good then reach out for a tax quote or schedule a meeting!